Our Team

The backbone of Nour Energy's organization is our employees. Nour Energy has been recruiting, training and retaining personnel with a positive attitude, deep aptitude and broad experience base. Nour Energy provides their employees with tools, training, and opportunities necessary for growth within the company as we believe that retaining exceptional personnel is one of the most important aspects of providing business continuity and effective services to our customers.

Nour Energy programs, policies, processes, and procedures are base on proven business concept and are developed and proven by the employees who have brought many years of experience and lessons learnt to the Nour Energy family. Nour Energy encourages its employees to share their ideas and experience to improve the overall effectiveness of the company's services. In addition, Nour Energy continually strives to find new ways to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and bring real value added solutions to each client.

The extensive experiences Nour Energy's management teams possess have been gained by working with, and directly for, the following:

  • Project Owners

  • Utilities

  • Third party service providers

  • Architect-Engineering-Construction Firms

  • Original Equipment Manufactures

  • Financial organizations and investment groups

Our corporate staff reflects professionalism in the energy industry, with respect to engineering, construction, maintenance, operations, and startup experience. The philosophy of the corporate staff is one of immediate and comprehensive support for the projects and plants we provide services to; we remain available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

The business units inside of Nour Energy have experience and knowledge to support any type of maintenance or operational issues that arise. These groups perform any type of service associated with the gas and steam turbine generators, boilers, and balance of plant of equipment. Nour Energy can provide labor, supervision, and tools to supplement other sub-contractors or provide a turnkey solution.

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