Arab Supply and Trading Corporation (ASTRA) is a Saudi group of companies with a history that goes back to the late sixties, when first founded by Mr. Sabih Taher Masri. ASTRA has grown steadily into a diversified Group with operations in fields ranging from agriculture to trading, manufacturing, contracting & services, medical & healthcare and real estate, with subsidiaries and affiliates in order in Middle East and Gulf-countries.


  • 1979 ASTRA Farms Trading.

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  • 1970 Food Supply Division.

  • 1988 Nour Communications Company.

  • 1991 ASTRA Transport Division.

  • 1994, 1997 Al-Cordoba & Al-Hamra Oasis Village Compounds Health Care.

  • 1998 Nournet ISP.


  • 1991 Saudi Mais Company for Medical Products.

  • 1994 Tabuk Pharmaceutical Mfg. Company.

  • 1995 Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Hospital.


  • 1976 Tabuk Automatic Bakery (ASTRA Bakery).

  • 1983 Saudi Mais Company for Irrigation Systems, LTD.

  • 1991 ASTRA Greenhouses & Prefab Factory Company.

  • 1992 ASTRA Polystyrene & Cardboard Factory.

  • 1985 ASTRA Feed Mills.

  • 1993 ASTRA Polymer Compounding Company, LTD.

  • 1996 ASTRA Industrial Complex Company, LTD.


  • 1972 Esquire Stores.

  • 1982 Al-Masri & Al-Khalaf Trading Company.

  • 1988 ASTRA Agricultural Company, LTD.

  • 1976 ASTRA Commercial Division.

  • 1989 ASTRA Grain Trading Division Manufacturing.

Nour Branches

Nour is contracting in different fields of activity such as Power, Telecommunication, Traffic Control and Signaling, High-Tech systems, in addition to be a system integration & engineering company with the strong base of information technology (IT). By constantly adapting itself to the changing technologies all over the world, Nour has been successful in establishing business in many countries. Nour is poised to emerge as one of the Middle East's leading organization in the field of Power Energy and project execution.