NourEnergy Global Jakarta Branch , Indonesia

Our valued customers,

Nour Energy is pleased to announce the opening of our new branch in Indonesia Jakarta; we are going to make much more effort to give our great services to our customers in Indonesia and are serving the needs of Power Markets with full range of technical services including: Generators (Diesel & Gas), Power Rental and Electrical Equipment. With over 20 years’ experience, we have grown into Power Solutions Market and we have services you could benefit from in Indonesia and nearby countries.


PT. Nour Energy Global:

The Manhattan Square Mid Tower 16th floors

Jalan TB .Simatupang Kav1-S CilandakTimurPasarMinggu, South Of Jakarta 12540 Jakarta - Indonesia

Tel: 622129407132/+62 2129407133 Fax: +62 2129 4071 34

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