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Arab Supply and Trading Corporation (ASTRA) is a Saudi group of companies with a history that goes back to the late sixties, when first founded by Mr. Sabih Taher Masri. ASTRA has grown steadily into a diversified Group with operations in fields ranging from agriculture to trading, manufacturing, contracting & services, medical & healthcare and real estate, with subsidiaries and affiliates in order in Middle East and Gulf-countries.

During this brief period, ASTRA has succeeded in achieving a prominent position among the largest companies operating in the Kingdom, building an excellent reputation based on its mission plan, objectives and strategic direction.

All ASTRA companies operate in compliance with stringent quality controls and assurance standards and are governed by the Group's policies, as well as relevant national and international standards. ASTRA has set the benchmark for every field in which it operates by maintaining the balance between cost-efficiency and quality, through the implementation of new technologies and advanced management techniques. In every endeavor, the group has benefited from the wise leadership, generous incentives and continued support of the government of Saudi Arabia. ASTRA is honored to have contributed to the Kingdom's self-sufficiency and expansion of its industrial and manufacturing base, thus providing employment opportunities.



  • 1979 ASTRA Farms Trading.

Contracting & Services

  • 1970 Food Supply Division.
  • 1988 Nour Communications Company.
  • 1991 ASTRA Transport Division.
  • 1994, 1997 Al-Cordoba & Al-Hamra Oasis Village Compounds Health Care.
  • 1998 Nournet ISP.

Health Care

  • 1991 Saudi Mais Company for Medical Products.
  • 1994 Tabuk Pharmaceutical Mfg. Company.
  • 1995 Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Hospital.


  • 1976 Tabuk Automatic Bakery (ASTRA Bakery).
  • 1983 Saudi Mais Company for Irrigation Systems, LTD.
  • 1991 ASTRA Greenhouses & Prefab Factory Company.
  • 1992 ASTRA Polystyrene & Cardboard Factory.
  • 1985 ASTRA Feed Mills.
  • 1993 ASTRA Polymer Compounding Company, LTD.
  • 1996 ASTRA Industrial Complex Company, LTD.


  • 1972 Esquire Stores.
  • 1982 Al-Masri & Al-Khalaf Trading Company.
  • 1988 ASTRA Agricultural Company, LTD.
  • 1976 ASTRA Commercial Division.
  • 1989 ASTRA Grain Trading Division Manufacturing.


Nour is contracting in different fields of activity such as Power, Telecommunication, Traffic Control and Signaling, High-Tech systems, in addition to be a system integration & engineering company with the strong base of information technology (IT). By constantly adapting itself to the changing technologies all over the world, Nour has been successful in establishing business in many countries. Nour is poised to emerge as one of the Middle East's leading organization in the field of Power Energy and project execution.


Nour Communication

Nour Communications is a business conglomerate offering an umbrella of services through its various divisions - Nour Telecom, NourNet, Nour Fiber Networks, Nour Energy, Nour Civil & Engineering and Nour Industries (for Electrical and Electronic Industries). We work along with major international players like Avaya, CISCO, Lucent Technologies, Ericsson, Motorola, NSN, Harris, Huawei, Siemens, Samsung, Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC), Mobily, ZAIN, Caterpillar, Cummins, MAN, and wartsila and have attained a leading position to fulfill your needs with the best service and highest SLAs.

We leverage every association of ours to provide you with value-driven and globally managed solutions to emerge as the most reliable, experienced and expert service provider for commercial enterprises as well as government bodies. With the best technical teams and most customer-oriented management, we offer you an extended portfolio of services in the areas of Telecommunications, Energy, Optical Fibers, Electrical, Electronic, Civil and Engineering industries.


NourNet is one of the leading telecommunication services companies that are geared to empower businesses with the highest level of security and seamless connectivity in all their interactions - both internal and external.

We at NourNet constantly strive to design and fine-tune our frameworks and solutions to offer you reliable services and support that are unmatched to any in the market.

We believe that when it comes to your clients, business associates and employees, being the best is the only way. After all, every customer is valuable; every partnership is critical; and every employee, a diligent asset.

Nour Fiber Optics Networks-OSP

Nour Fiber Optics can efficiently handle any of your OSP needs. Our OSP Network service capability ranges from trenches for channeling, directional boring, plowing, to aerial placement. Be it your need for intercity connectivity or the local loop connection within the metropolitan area, our team understands your networks dynamic requirements and supports a variety of customer based initiatives which include: private enterprises, DOT, other government divisions and even utilities.

The Nour Fiber Optics Networks (OSP) Division at Nour Communications has end-to-end capabilities which include the entire spectrum of services from the initial design and engineering to all aspects of construction of a fiber optic network.

We not only meet your current needs but proactively respond to the challenges and demands of your company's network growth for tomorrow. We have built in-depth expertise to meet the toughest of network engineering challenges. Our successfully implemented turnkey solutions give us the identity of a valued single source provider by the client.

Nour Energy (This site)

Nour Industries

NOUR for Electrical and Electronics Industries was established in 2007 in Saudi Arabia, as a registered manufacturer of state-of-the-art low voltage switchgear electrical panel boards that are specially designed for the specific requirements of commercial enterprises, industrial plants and governmental sectors.

We constantly endeavor to retain the leadership position in the manufacture and supply of quality-engineered products by continually improving the product quality and by nurturing long term relationships with all the key business entities - customers, suppliers and employees.

For us, business is all about providing you - our esteemed client, with the best product range and service spectrum, at the best rates and nurturing a positive environment internally and externally.

Our expertise has drawn us to the attention of some of the prestigious names in the industry like Siemens and ABB with whom we have partnered.

Nour Civil & Engineering

Nour Constructions is the Civil Engineering division of Nour Communications. This reputed division specializes in civil contracting work and has built to its credit a long history of high value service that is on time, and of the utmost quality. Our joint venture with the steel manufacturer International Building Systems Factory (IBSF-A member of ASTRA Group) has further enhanced our delivery capabilities in a wide array of construction projects.

We adhere to the stringent quality assurance system that ensures that every project that is undertaken for you is executed to meet not only your expectations but also the highest of the industry standards.

We are recognized for our high efficiency implementations of various Civil Engineering construction projects that consist of special Steel Structures which require pioneering design solutions that offer a great cost advantage. Additionally, we have also developed world-class capability in designing and implementing re inforced concrete projects that include full site development works.

We offer you a high quality and economical structural design to meet all your unique needs. We utilize the latest technology in terms of going for internationally renowned structural software like Wiseman and STAAD III. Our designs adhere to the EIA/TIA-222F, AISC, ACI, AASHTO and UBC codes.